Jan. 29, 2003

Sex Toy

I turned in my first psych assignment today. I had to write a one page summary about psychology journals that were each 30 pages long. Yeah, I hope I did alright.

There is a cute boy in my intro. to human services class. All I could do today was look at him and think about how much I wanna do him. Its funny, I was picturing me having sex with him and he had no idea! hehe Maybe I'll try to talk to him on Fri.

I am beginning to get sexually frusterated. I have not had sex since Jan. 11th. This may not be a long time to some people, but I feel the need to have sex. Liz suggested that I get a vibrator. I suppose that would work, but I like the intimacy of being with a guy. Although, a vibrator would be nice to have.

The point is, I need to have HARDCORE, DIRTY SEX as soon as possible.


I THOUGHT that i was supposed to hang out with 'him' tonight, but so far, he hasnt tried to get ahold of me. I told him last night on instant messenger that he could contact me via cell phone or IM. I guess maybe its better if i dont hang out with him. All he does is break my heart. It really hurts to know that im always there for him, and he isnt there for me. To him, all I am is a sex toy. Thats what upsets me.

missdahling at 5:33 p.m.